Instead of giving me a necklace Made up of his hands   We sit in his Grand Cherokee And listen to our favorite bands   Instead of holding my leash, I mean my wrist And dragging me around   He doodles on my body with his fingertips Without making a sound   Instead of... Continue Reading →


Junk Drawer Envelope

We were in love once, not long ago. You said that you could never let me go.   You kissed me with all of your energy Maybe that's why you set me free   We used to sit on the cafeteria floor. But we can't do that anymore.   When you look at me now,... Continue Reading →


Meeting eyes with you was like staring into a picture that has been hung in the living room my whole life. You were so familiar, yet you never failed to catch my attention.   Talking to you was like reading a book by the fire. Upside down. I found comfort within each chapter, even if... Continue Reading →

Nuclear Power Debate

There is a considerable amount of negative attributes in regards to the production of nuclear power plants. For instance, they cost approximately $9 billion to build and construction can take decades. Also, there isn’t insurance to help cover the cost of possible disasters. In Rindelaubs argument, he includes an example of Japan's worst nuclear disaster,... Continue Reading →

Wet Paint Road

We had no plans and began to drive Into the small town that had tried to hide From a paper map, hung on the wall it would seem to be fields that only stretch on But in the car with him, driving with our eyes closed, Each road was an opportunity with memories enclosed. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

Why Purple?

Imagine someone’s pencil tapping in class while you are taking a math test. At first, it enters your mind slowly and quietly, barely noticeable. You are still able to focus on solving for x. Soon you realize it is there, but continue to ignore it. Eventually, it gets eye-twitching, fist-clenching, uncontrollably annoying. Then, you blurt... Continue Reading →

Do we really need pennies?

How many pennies do you have collecting dust on your dresser?  Stuck in a pants pocket or in the bottom of your purse? Most likely you have pennies that are being unused somewhere. The government should abolish the penny because making them wastes a lot of money, pennies are often unwanted, and abolishing the penny... Continue Reading →

Beside the River

In a soft whisper, he said let me take you somewhere special, please With my hand in his, he guided me through the trees My eyes grew wide when approached the hidden place The glitter filled water The moss covered rocks The little red bench Where we take off our socks I fell in love... Continue Reading →

Love by Months 

 Our society and the internet has been successful in setting unrealistic relationship standards. People tract their love by months, not years.  We are so used to getting things immediately that time is slow when we have to wait  The first thing that makes dating today different than past generations is the hard conversations are now... Continue Reading →

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