Why Purple?

Imagine someone’s pencil tapping in class while you are taking a math test. At first, it enters your mind slowly and quietly, barely noticeable. You are still able to focus on solving for x. Soon you realize it is there, but continue to ignore it. Eventually, it gets eye-twitching, fist-clenching, uncontrollably annoying. Then, you blurt... Continue Reading →


Do we really need pennies?

How many pennies do you have collecting dust on your dresser?  Stuck in a pants pocket or in the bottom of your purse? Most likely you have pennies that are being unused somewhere. The government should abolish the penny because making them wastes a lot of money, pennies are often unwanted, and abolishing the penny... Continue Reading →

Beside the River

In a soft whisper, he said let me take you somewhere special, please With my hand in his, he guided me through the trees My eyes grew wide when approached the hidden place The glitter filled water The moss covered rocks The little red bench Where we take off our socks I fell in love... Continue Reading →

Love by Months 

 Our society and the internet has been successful in setting unrealistic relationship standards. People tract their love by months, not years.  We are so used to getting things immediately that time is slow when we have to wait  The first thing that makes dating today different than past generations is the hard conversations are now... Continue Reading →

After Sunset Adventure // Poem

After Sunset Adventure I see my friends all packed up cars. The sky on fire, just a few stars Speakers turned up but I still hear them shout ¨Come on, get in, it's almost dark out!¨ I slide in the back seat without hesitation, We had good conversation, with no destination. Not thinking once about... Continue Reading →

Dress Codes // Fashion

Ah, the classic dress code debate. The main question? Should students be allowed to express themselves via inappropriate clothing or should schools force them into wearing uniforms? (Or another solution?) My perspective is there wouldn't even be a need for a dress code if society stopped forcing this idea of girls showing more skin to be... Continue Reading →


Plasitc surrounds us, constantly.  If you did not know already. it does not decompose very well. It is extremely harmful to the earth and creates so much waste when thrown away. You could argue that recycling solves the problem of plastic, but how many people take the time to recycle? Not that many.¨Americans recycle 34... Continue Reading →

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